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CloudSensAI for Cloud Patching

How it works

  • Set up an intelligent automated process flow
  • Select type of patching i.e., security vulnerabilities, features
  • Select which patches should be applied to all/select hosts
  • Select major or minor updates
  • Disable alerts before disabling monitoring
  • Capture mounts on Linux hosts before and compare after patching
  • Gracefully shutdown and start applications in Windows / Linux hosts
  • Use GenAI to write and automate the test cases that need to be performed after patching
  • Send email alerts when patching starts and when completed
  • Assign Patch Team for the Patch Execution based on Availability
  • Calendar check
  • Report on Patch execution Status in Observability Dashboards
  • Send an automated report on Servers that had Exception due to Patch or Patching
How it works

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